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Mogami Cable
Unmatched for accuracy, extremely low noise, ease of installation, flexibility, and superior quality, professionals and enthusiasts alike rave about the amazing clarity and silent background of Mogami cables.
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A-Designs Audio
A-Designs' objective is to provide you with the best possible solutions built in the form of audio products built on solid technology for the best possible performance in your studio, stage, or standalone applications. QUALITY WITHOUT COMPROMISE, expresses the commitment to the highest standards, augmented with creativity and the promise of friendly professional service.
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Amphion Loudspeakers Ltd. was established in 1998. They design and build loudspeakers that are characterized by honest and accurate sound reproduction. Precise driver integration ensures world-class imaging and phase coherency. Controlled dispersion technology helps achieve more stable results in a variety of room acoustics.
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For more than 40 years AMS Neve has represented the pinnacle of professional audio design and engineering. More than a hundred world class analogue and digital designers, software specialists and audio purists spend their days dedicated to the advancement and evolution of professional audio products and workflows.
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Barefoot Sound
Barefoot Sound is founded on the ambition to create a new breed of audio monitor. Whether acting as day to day near-fields, or impressing at high volumes while serving as set of mains, Barefoot Sound's monitors are the most versatile in the world.
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Bettermaker offers premium quality analog mastering processing with patented digital recall from your D.A.W. Crafted for professional mastering, mix engineers and music producers. When you need premium sound quality and convenience of fast and precise recall and automation.
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Coleman Audio
Coleman Audio has been servicing recording studios broadcast and post-production facilities in NYC and throughout the tri-state area since 1983. Coleman Audio is specialized in producing analogue controllers, switchers, meters and surround systems.
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Crane Song
Crane Song Ltd. is able to provide the highest level of quality due to the many years of experience of both Dave and the people who have stayed with him. Crane Song's combination of innovative design and uncompromising attention have helped the company make its mark in the professional audio world.
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Dave Hill Designs
Dave Hill Designs offers all new audio signal processing hardware and software products designed mr. Dave Hill, founder of Crane Song.
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Electrodyne was the first company to manufacture a complete, modular, custom configured console that could be ordered by each client as a special version. These consoles became associated with many of the so called “California Sound” bands from the 60's. The new units made today are built to the original Electrodyne exact factory specifications.
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elysia has become a union of creative audio enthusiasts who have a clearly defined objective: the development and production of high-quality studio equipment featuring that certain something. elysia do not want to settle for the status quo and rehash existing concepts time and again. The objective is rather to adapt their products to current demands in everyday studio life.
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Highland Dynamics
Based out of Los Angeles, California, Bryce Gonzales and his company, Highland Dynamics, have created a masterclass approach to the vari-mu compressor.
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LaChapell Audio
LaChapell Audio is a leading manufacturer of preamplifiers for commercial recording and broadcast markets. Based in Merced, California, LaChapell Audio offers sophisticated, elegant design in harmony with pristine sound quality.
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Latch Lake Products
The Latch Lake micKing microphone stands along with the Xtra Boom accessory booms are the worlds strongest, most durable, compact, quality crafted stands and booms on the market. Simply stated, the world’s best.
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Microtech Gefell
Microtech Gefell's range of products includes high quality studio microphones with tube and transistor technology, specialised microphones and dynamic microphones as well as power supply units and accessories. By now, the company looks back on 75 years of tradition in the development, production and trade of high quality studio microphones and it stays in contact with leading users of this technology and technical institutions.
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Overstayer design and build audio recording equipment in Los Angeles, California. Everything is built by hand and sourced locally as much as possible. The product range have evolved from custom build for artists and producers in the Los Angeles area to studios all around the world.
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Phoenix Audio
Phoenix Audio (UK) products are unique, original and are carefully and expertly designed to combine the advantages of many years of audio experience with today's component and manufacturing technology. The range of products are designed, built and wired in-house by professional wiremen and engineers with many years experience that take great pride in the quality of their craftsmanship.
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PMC Loudspeakers
Having in mind that a good loudspeaker should be able to relay the purest intentions of the artist without colouration, PMC reigns supreme throughout the leading mastering houses, broadcasters and much of the professional world.
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PSI Audio
PSI Audio has developed to become a respected worldwide brand, producing the ultimate professional studio monitors, offering a full range of highly innovative speakers with cutting edge fully analogue technology.
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Your recordings deserve the magic only a Pultec can deliver. Pulse Techniques manufactures the complete Pultec line of professional audio equalizers to the original design specifications. These are not "Pultec-style EQs". These are PULTEC EQs!
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Purple Audio
Purple Audio LLC makes high quality studio equipment for large and small scale music studios. The release of the MC77 FET Compressor in 1997 kicked off a business that now creates a wide variety of recording studio products and continues to innovate and create new products that customers love.
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Retro Instruments
Retro Instruments creates classic style recording studio gear that keeps what made the originals the best of the best in recording gear. All while updating vintage design with modern features to improve functionality. Headquartered in Northern CA, all Retro Instruments products are designed and manufactured in the United States, with unparalleled quality, service, and personal attention.
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Shadow Hills Industries
The world of Shadow Hills Industries takes high quality discrete audio paths with versatile controls to meet the demands of modern recording and wraps them with striking antique military aesthetics. From GAMA mic preamps and all the way up to the top of the line Mastering Compressor, Shadow Hills manufactures hardware that lets engineers really grab ahold of their recordings.
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Tegeler Audio
Tegeler Audio Manufaktur's devices are designed to help sound technicians and musicians produce the sound they want to hear. Tegeler Audio Manufaktur designs equipment with tonal qualities and musicality in mind and all devices are hand-manufactured from high-quality components that are carefully selected according to requirements.
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Telefunken Elektroakustik
Telefunken Elektroakustik strives for absolute perfection. By offering historic recreations of classic microphones alongside our own proprietary designs based around the distinctive tube mic sound, Telefunken Elektroakustik have established a product line that perfectly blends vintage style and sound with the reliability of a modern-day microphone.
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Thermionic Culture
Thermionic Culture Ltd. was formed in 1998 to manufacture, promote and sell Recording Engineer Vic Keary’s all valve studio equipment designs. The principal aim is to prove that THERMIONIC VALVES (vacuum tubes to U.S. readers) are far superior for audio applications to solid state alternatives.
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Trinnov Audio
Trinnov’s diverse team of over 45 passionate people across 6 time zones shares a deep commitment to audio excellence, bringing hundreds of years of audio engineering and musical experience, extending across all departments of the company.
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TUBE TECH's mission to ensure the engineer has confidence in his working tools and feels comfortable working with them. Their goal is to bring out the very best in the tubes, as well as continuously strive to offer the professional audio engineer outboard equipment of sublime quality – both in terms of sound and reliability.
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Undertone Audio
Striving to fulfill needs and solve problems of todays record makers, UnderTone Audio has been created as an outlet for these ideas to be available to studios, engineers, mixers and producers all around the world.
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Vanguard Audio Labs
Vanguard Audio Labs is here to help you make music, and to bring your music to life by building superb products that won't break your bank account.
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Weiss Digital Audio manufactures professional digital audio equipment for quality conscious people. Expect no less than excellence in design, ergonomics and sonic quality.
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