Trinnov Audio
Trinnov’s diverse team of over 45 passionate people across 6 time zones shares a deep commitment to audio excellence, bringing hundreds of years of audio engineering and musical experience, extending across all departments of the company.
Flagship products
Trinnov Audio ST2 PRO
Trinnov’s ST2 Pro stereo processor is the ideal monitoring solution for cinema, post-production, broadcast and mastering studios. Sound engineers demand highly accurate monitoring to work with subtlety on effects, EQs, and dynamics.

Its unique loudspeaker and room correction technology will take your audio monitoring chain to the next level, resulting in mixes that translate better through various listening environment and broadcast norms, therefore, increasing repeatability and consistency for better time efficiency.

The Optimizer automatically time aligns your speakers with more precision than a human could achieve with a tape measure. Time alignment alone makes a huge difference in terms of stereophonic image, but by working in the time domain and improving both the amplitude and phase response of the loudspeakers, the Optimizer achieves high-resolution stereophonic image and well-focused phantom sources simply not achievable otherwise.
Trinnov Audio D-MON Optimizer
The D-MON series redefines professional audio monitoring. Comprehensive feature set and unforessen flexibility makes it one of the most sustainable monitoring solution ever designed. D-MON supports from 6 up to 18 acoustic Optimization channels. Start with what you need and upgrade later via software update.

Our world-renowned room correction Optimizer Technology is recognized as best-in-class by users and reviewers across the professional, commercial cinema and high-end audio worlds. Introduced to the pro audio market in 2006, its revolutionary solution was quickly embraced by many of the most demanding music, broadcast and post-production sound engineers. Optimizer technology is now used in nearly 2,000 studios across the globe with nearly 10,000 high-performance installations worldwide.
Trinnov Audio MC PRO
The MC Processor range is Trinnov's answer to the audio calibration challenges of post-production monitoring systems.

The Trinnov Optimizer technology is at its core, including semi-automatic active-crossover calibration and bass management capabilities to meet the requirements of any loudspeaker systems.
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