Highland Dynamics
Based out of Los Angeles, California, Bryce Gonzales and his company, Highland Dynamics, have created a masterclass approach to the vari-mu compressor.
Flagship products
Highland Dynamics BG1
The BG1 Stereo is a two channel tube compressor loosely based on the Altec 436 and also the British modified 436. There are two compressors in one 3U chassis, linkable side chain amplifiers. Tubes are pre channel: 4BC8, 6SN7 and 6AL5. Fully balanced circuit with transformer input and output, fuse is a 1 amp slow blow and is located in the power inlet at the back. There is also a select in the fuse holder to switch to 240 mains voltage there too, change the fuse to a .5 slow blow if operating at 240 volts mains. Hook ups are located in the back as well and are balanced XLR.
Also available from Systemes Guinois
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