Your recordings deserve the magic only a Pultec can deliver. Pulse Techniques manufactures the complete Pultec line of professional audio equalizers to the original design specifications. These are not "Pultec-style EQs". These are PULTEC EQs!
Flagship products
Pultec EQP-1A
When first bringing "the Pultec" back into production, we discussed with engineers and studio owners which model to begin with, the 2U brushed aluminum EQP-1A3 or the 3U "Pultec blue" EQP-1A. The 3U EQP-1A preceded the EQP-1A3 in original production (1961-1971 vs. 1971-1981) and definitely had more of that 1950s aesthetic. But given that they are comprised of the exact same components and have the same specs, the consensus was that the more compact EQP-1A3 made more sense in today’s space-conscious studio environment. However, after hearing for the initial 5 years of EQP-1A3 production "when are you going to do the 3U blue unit?" we finally relented and brought the EQP-1A back into production as well. So you choose which one you prefer. We think they are both pretty awesome products.
Pultec EQP-500X
In the early 1970s, after condensing the classic 3U model EQP-1A into the 2U form-factor model EQP-1A3, Pulse introduced a solid-state line amp version of the EQP-1A3. These units have exactly the same front end (input transformer and passive EQ section) but utilize a solid-state opamp (genuine API 2520) gain stage driving a Triad output transformer. Many users of this version of the Pultec describe them as "more punchy" and having "a tighter low end" than the tube version. Pulse has taken this proven design to the next stage by packing them into the 500-series form factor as the EQP-500X module. These may come in a smaller package, but don’t be fooled! These EQs deliver all of the punch, mojo and sonic impact of their full-sized counterparts.
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