For more than 40 years AMS Neve has represented the pinnacle of professional audio design and engineering. More than a hundred world class analogue and digital designers, software specialists and audio purists spend their days dedicated to the advancement and evolution of professional audio products and workflows.
Flagship products
AMS-Neve Genesys Black
The Neve Genesys Black is a digitally controlled analogue recording console with total integration with the studio environment and the digital audio workstation of your choice.

Including legendary microphone preamplifiers and highly revered analogue circuit design, the extensive digital control and connectivity puts Genesys black at the creative heart of your studio. Genesys Black offers from 8 channels of mic/line preamps, 16 channels DAW/Tape monitoring, hands-on DAW control for Pro Tools, Nuendo and more, 8 channels of Neve 4-band EQ, 8 channels of Neve VCA dynamics and AD/DA conversion via MADI, AES and FireWire formats.
AMS-Neve 1073DPX
The original Neve 1073 channel amplifiers are very popular mic preamplifiers, considered by many to capture the very essence of the Neve sound. In manufacture since the early 1970s, the discrete class-A design offers 3 bands of EQ with one fixed high frequency and a high-pass filter. The 1073DPX accommodates two separate 1073s in a stand-alone 2U rackmount unit. At its core, the 1073DPX retains the same class-A design as the original 1073, but includes many additional features to ensure the unit sits comfortably in the modern studio environment.
AMS-Neve 33609/N
The Neve 33609 is a popular diode-bridge compressor / limiter. In manufacture since the early 1980s it has gone through several design changes over the years, and has emerged as a reference standard for studio dynamics. The discrete class-A design offers fast and slow attack times, multiple release times and threshold levels. The 33609/N accommodates two separate compressor / limiters in a stand-alone 2U rack-mount unit. The two channels are suitable for mono, stereo or independent operation, with the option to link to other units for multi-channel use. At its core, the 33609/N retains the same basic circuitry as earlier discrete models, now with extra control options and a classic appearance.
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