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Tegeler Audio Manufaktur's devices are designed to help sound technicians and musicians produce the sound they want to hear. Tegeler Audio Manufaktur designs equipment with tonal qualities and musicality in mind and all devices are hand-manufactured from high-quality components that are carefully selected according to requirements.
Flagship products
Tegeler Audio Crème RC
The Creme has become a modern classic by now – VCA compression in uncompromising sound quality packed together with signal processing on the highest level thanks to the passive Pultec-style EQ. This is the combination you’re looking for in order to give your mix or master that final touch of brilliance you’re looking for.

With the Creme RC we’ve taken this concept to the next level and we went deeper into the realm of combining the worlds of analog sound and digital control into the perfect symbiosis. Thanks to motorized potentiometers you will save valuable time and no longer have to deal with the nuisance of recall sheets if you want to tweak something in a session. Just open your project and the included Creme RC plug-in will automatically set all controls to the right position. You want to automate single parameters in your arrangement? No problem with the Creme RC.

Even when mixing, the Creme RC shows you how the your final master will sound like with its gentle high and low boost and a few dBs of compression. That way you will easily find the right balance between your sounds, especially vocals. Equalizer and compressor can be switched for full and flexible control over your sound processing.
Tegeler Audio Classic Equalizer EQP-1
Did you ever hear such highs with a software-EQ? I think not! With this EQ, you tune in the highs and bass and it sounds just as good as you expected it and even better. You will be astonished and ask yourself how you have ever managed without the Classic Equalizer. Haven't you thought somehow after every Plug-in that you've tried that it could work better? You knew it and now you have found it! Get the Classic Equalizer and experience it for yourself.

Even though there are major advances within the digital technique during the past years, good sounding equalizers are still in the domain of analog devices. And those who have heard the Classic Equalizer once know why: voices sound silky, instruments step out of the mix and are clearly locatable without one turning them up. Deep frequency instruments like bass and bass drums get the necessary boost without sounding boomy. If you raise up the treble, it doesn't sound like lifted highs but everything simply sound fresher.

The Classic Equalizer EQP-1 was built after the model of classic vintage equalizers with passive components (condenser and inductor) in the EQ section which accounts for it´s special sound.
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